The One Church Leadership College [OCLC] helps people go to the next level of leadership for and followership of Jesus. Depending on the program, the OCLC blends hands-on ministry training with qual­ity, affordable education, for those called to ministry or to the marketplace. Read below for more info!

Three Program Options

  • For people in a discovery process of what the Lord has called them to [often high school graduates, high school seniors, or even adults of different ages]
  • One semester long (though another semester or year is possible if the person would benefit from more time/growth…a summer intensive is also possible)
  • Limited time commitment, perhaps one day or a couple afternoons a week…some office hours or team times required, but focus is on ministry alongside lead in area of focus
  • Continuing education is encouraged
  • A small allowance to help cover gas [$100/month]
  • At this level, a high school senior on work experience could participate, as well as an adult in their career that has a flexible summer schedule, like a teacher.
  • For the person assured of their call to ministry (yet perhaps still praying about the specifics of the call), whether it be vocational or through the marketplace, local or global, pastoral or non-traditional [for adults of different ages, provided they are at least a high school graduate]
  • Two to three years long
  • A ministry schedule that is unique to each person, that most likely includes parts of two days in the office, as well as ministry responsibilities on Sundays and nights & weekends
  • Continuing education with the goal of a degree is expected with active steps being taken, and credentialing steps/completion with the Assemblies of God is a priority in the 2nd or 3rd year
  • An allowance to cover costs incurred in serving [$300/month; third year apprentices may move to $500/month]
  • For the person preparing to have a key role at One Church or beyond after the residency; a season to “finish” and a season to be “launched”
  • One year long (possibly and at most 2 years if ministry role and timeline warrants)
  • A focused season to root in One Church culture and relationships; to complete tandem goal of ministry experience and accredited education (if not already finished)
  • Continuing education/degree is completed or in process of completion, as well as final steps/next level of credentialing expected
  • A larger allowance to propel them into what’s next (depending on department/campus’ ability to sustain)

Frequently Asked Questions

The main focus of OCLC is to develop leaders, and we believe that the best way to grow in your leadership and influence is to be hands on in ministry. With all the major positions that one would find in full-time ministry as options, our team is also flexible to create out of the box opportunities for those who are called to break the mold in what God has called them to do.

OCLC offers hands-on ministry experience at one of our 7 campuses in the Central Valley. You will receive training from a ministry director in one of the following ministries :

  • Kids
  • Youth
  • Pastoral
  • Worship
  • Marketing
  • Administration

Additionally our third year students are sent overseas for missions experience with one of our missionary partners.

OCLC has many opportunities to serve and work in various ministries at various locations. Whether it is within the first couple years at one of our 7 campuses, or the overseas opportunity during the third year, there are countless possibilities to serve, grow and lead.

OCLC Fosters a culture of community that encourages our students to learn and grow in a healthy environment while having the opportunity to lead in various ministries and events. It’s a culture that provides the environment to both succeed and fail as you learn to take steps towards greater leadership, influence, and spirit led ministry.


Pastors Kyle & Marcia Bethke

Leaders of OCLC

Whereas our organization doesn’t provide traditional education, we partner with other institutions that provide both ministry degrees as well as traditional marketplace degrees. Our leadership team will come alongside and help to keep you accountable for the education portion of this program. We believe that it is a large part of the equipping process in your preparation for ministry.

  • Leadership Teaching & Discussion [LTD] = Thursdays @ 1pm
  • Bible Classes hosted


Steve Edwards

President of Global Passion

Char Blair

NCN Church Ministries Director

Anthony Santiago

Missionary to Alicante, Spain

Jordan Abina

Missionary to Grenoble, France