Our Story

Over 100 years, Bethel, the first Assemblies of God Church in Modesto, began when a few families started holding prayer meetings in different homes. In 1919, Bethel Mission moved to a tent on 18th and H Street where it stayed for one year. Soon growth demanded larger accommodations and Bethel moved into their first building on 4th and F Street. In 1924, Bethel Mission became Bethel Church and moved to 15th and G Street.

A purpose of our church has always been to effectively reach the people in the Central Valley. In 1982, Pastor Cliff and Carol Traub were welcomed to Bethel Church. They pastored the church when moving to the new site located on Scenic and Oakdale, where the church is currently located. Cliff and Carol Traub pastored Bethel Church for 30 years where they faithfully still attend.

In 2012, a passionate young couple was brought in to follow the Traub’s in their ministry. Pastors Kyle and Marcia became the Lead Pastors at Bethel Church. In the early 2000s, St. John’s Chapel of the Valley had been deeded to Bethel Church. Soon after the Bethkes arrived, this church became the first campus of Bethel Church.

Pastors, Kyle and Marcia have a heart for parenting and planting churches. In 2013, the Riverbank campus was planted.

As ministry carried on and the church continued to grow, the Ripon campus was launched in 2016. In 2018, the Turlock campus was added to the family. In 2019, the Salida campus was added to our family. In 2021, we launched our Manteca campus. Our church soon became one church in many locations, thus our new name, One Church.

Our church has never been about building a big church; instead, we build big people.

As leaders are developed, campuses are birthed. We believe the best way to reach people is having a spirit-led church in every community. God is moving at One Church and we are excited to see what He has in store for us next!

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Our Mission:
To Make Disciples Who Make Disciples.

A disciple is a follower of Jesus. We make disciples by being disciples. Three key words summarize what that looks like: we connect, grow, and make a difference. God calls every Christian to be a disciple and to make disciples. We want to build big people and allow God to build His church.

How do we make disciples?

We Connect.

We want to connect with God and others. We believe a person becomes connected through daily time spent with God and regularly engaging in church services.

We Grow.

Our goal is that you would continue to grow in your walk with God. In our church, one of the ways we disciple people is through ‘Groups.’

We Make a Difference.

The church is called to make a difference in this world. As Matthew 5 encourages, we want to be a light in the darkness in our homes, churches, and around the world.

Our Values

Our Beliefs

The AG

The Assemblies of God was founded in 1914 in Hot Springs, Arkansas with 300 people at the founding convention. Today there are 13,017 churches in the U.S. with over 3 million members and adherents.

16 Fundamental Truths

This “Statement of Fundamental Truths” contains the 16 doctrines of the Assemblies of God. These are non-negotiable tenets of faith that all Assemblies of God churches adhere to.

Four-Fold Mission

The Assemblies of God is committed to fulfilling a four-fold mission. We exist to evangelize to the lost, worship God, disciple believers, and show compassion.