Day 7: Connecting to Jesus

Connecting to One Church

Wow, here we are on Day 7! Over the last week, you have learned the basic tools that will help you keep momentum in staying connected to Jesus. This is your new life in Christ, and there is so much that God has in store for you! We’d like to come alongside you on this discipleship journey, helping to answer any questions along the way, and helping you navigate the seasons ahead. So here is the best step to take next:

Join us at One Track

We don’t want you to stay a guest forever! We want you to become part of this life-giving church community with us, so we’re inviting you to attend One Track! At One Track, you’ll learn about our church and how you can get involved. It will help you find a place to belong and it will get you set up for any of the next steps you want to take… water baptism, volunteer & serve, join a group, or become a partner…

Today’s challenge after watching the video

One Track is a one-time gathering, offered the first Sunday of every month. Click below to reserve a spot at one of the upcoming One Track gatherings: