Lords Prayer Pt 3

The Lord’s Prayer | Week 3 | “Our Daily Bread”

Sermon Series: The Lord’s Prayer
Week 3 | “Our Daily Bread”
Speaker: Angie Von Slaughter

In this series, we will seek to better understand the most central prayer in Christianity – referred to as the Lord’s Prayer, or the Our Father. Some of us have been raised saying this prayer as a matter of rote, without giving much thought to its meaning, and some have struggled with their faith and now find it difficult to say the words today. For others, it was not a part of their upbringing, and they have no connection to the words and aren’t sure why it matters.

This week, we zero in on a single line: the petition “give us this day our daily bread”. The Biblical understanding of ‘bread’ goes so much deeper than a basic food, and Angie dives into the various echoes found in scripture, from the Exodus to Jesus’s feeding of the multitudes, grounding it in what this petition can mean for us today.

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