Who is Jesus

Teacher Jesus – Who is Jesus? Week 3 | Steve McCarthy

Teacher, Savior, Friend, Prophet, God, Man. Who is Jesus to you?

This week Steve McCarthy takes us on a deeper look at the teacher Jesus.

Questions from the group discussion:

1. What’s your initial reaction to hearing this story? Does it bring up any emotion (positive or negative), or does anything stick out, and why?

2. How do you think each of the characters was feeling in this story (the accusers, Jesus, and the woman)?

3. Do you identify with anyone in the story? What about them do you find relatable?

4. Why might Jesus have chosen to respond by kneeling down and writing in the dirt?

5. What do you think Jesus meant by “go and sin no more”? Is he just talking about not committing adultery, or are there other ways of interpreting this?

6. How do you think this woman’s life might have been different after this encounter with Jesus?

7. What might this story be able to teach us? Is there an insight or reminder that you needed today?

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