_H8A3742One Church is a progressive, nondenominational church serving the Phoenix area.


We seek to create a safe and inclusive environment to explore faith and spirituality. In most churches, you are expected to check off a list of doctrines or dogmas – not here! We welcome questions, and believe that a robust faith includes intellectual thinking alongside of an openness to the sacred, however you understand this.

We are an open and affirming church, which means we fully embrace all people no matter what your beliefs, gender, or sexuality may be. We do our best to cultivate an environment that will inspire and encourage each person on their unique spiritual path.

You are invited to worship services every Saturday evening at 5:00 PM. We meet at Mission Del Sol Presbyterian Church, 1565 E. Warner Rd., Tempe, AZ 85284.




Get directions using the map below.

One Church signage will lead you to Mission Del Sol and around the facility once you arrive.

If you have children, check them into the fun, safe, and loving environment of One Church KIDS before the service begins. You can pick them up immediately after the service.

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Coffee, water, and refreshments are available in the Mission Hall (located across the courtyard from the main sanctuary). Both before and after the service, feel free to enjoy a cup of coffee and socialize with the rest of the One Church community. Other than water, no food and drinks are allowed in the main sanctuary, so please help us protect Mission Del Sol’s carpeted worship space by keeping those within the Mission Hall or the courtyard.

Our music will open and close the service with modern, and thoughtful music. Some of the songs we sing may be familiar from other churches you have experienced, while others are more uniquely progressive. In either case, we are passionate about our mission statement of reflecting God’s inclusive love, and you won’t hear lyrics that condemn you as unworthy of that love, or that promote division between “us” and “them”.

Out of respect for your schedule, the entire worship service will last for about 70 minutes.

After the service, fill out a Connect Card at the Information Center to stay in touch, or join our Online Community on Facebook!