Is One Church part of a denomination?

No. One Church is an independent, nondenominational church.

How old is One Church?

One Church began in 2005 as a network of four house churches.

We launched One Church in Chandler/Gilbert in its present form on March 10, 2013. One Church is made up of people of all ages and life stages.

When and where are worship services?

Worship services are held every Saturday at 5:00 PM, at Mission Del Sol Presbyterian Church, 1565 E. Warner Rd., Tempe, AZ 85284.

What do you believe about LGBTQ+ individuals?

One Church is an open and affirming church. We believe that committed, loving relationships, whether between same sex or the opposite sex, reflect the heart of God and should be celebrated.

Are there limits to where women or LGBTQ+ members can serve at One Church?

No. One Church welcomes our LGBTQ+ members fully, and is committed to gender equality in our leadership.

How can I get more involved in One Church?

There are many ways to get involved. The first steps are usually to join a Small Group, volunteer to serve in a ministry or attend
one of our CONNECT Events. If you use Facebook, we have also created an Online Community for One Church members to have
discussions, share prayer requests, and create community.