Thanksgiving Big Give

November 23, 2014

One Church currently has a $20,000 budget deficit for 2014, and we would like to make up this deficit up before the end of this year.

By meeting this budget deficit, One Church will be poised to make strides like hiring additional staff leadership in 2015 that will greatly benefit One Church, helping us to serve our own congregation and our community more effectively.

Last year, the One Church congregation gave $23,000 in the month of November. I have faith that we can do it again.

If One Church is your home church, will you consider giving a tithe of your income during the month of November? “Tithe” means tenth. Tithing is the ancient practice of giving ten percent of one’s income to God’s work in the world. If everyone who does not normally tithe would be willing to give a tithe of your November income to One Church, we will easily make up our budget deficit.

As your pastor, I tithe on my income because I believe in the mission of One Church and in our future together. Practically speaking, One Church exists because we have several members who tithe. Without the faithful giving of dedicated people, there would be no One Church.

I believe that God wants to accomplish great things through this new gathering of Jesus-followers in the Southeast Valley called One Church. Look at what we have accomplished already.

After gathering in worship for only 20 months:

  • Together, we offer a different kind of church in the SE Valley where questions and doubts are welcome.
  • Together, we offer a welcoming church home for families who simply want to be accepted for who they are.
  • Together, we provide a loving environment for children and teenagers who will grow up with a positive experince of church.
  • Together, we give generously to community organizations and new churches through $1 for One.
  • Together, we sponsored 55 children in Nicaragua and constructed an elementary school cafeteria in the village of San Bartolo, Nicaragua.
  • Together we give hope to many people who previously gave up on faith.

If you believe that God wants to accomplish even greater things through One Church, will you consider giving a tithe of your November income on Thanksgiving Sunday?

We will collect the Thanksgiving Big Give offering on Thanksgiving Sunday, Nov. 23.

Thank you for believing in the mission and values of One Church and for giving generously to the future of One Church!