Simple Christmas

November 29, 2015 – December 27, 2015

Every year we celebrate Christmas and try to make it meaningful.

But instead we end up with shopping, spending, credit cards, traffic jams, and crazy schedules. A nonstop, expensive, exhausting December. Somehow Christmas has become something we barely survive.

Have you ever stopped to think- how would Jesus celebrate? Would he give generously? Would he make time for the people around him?

Imagine for a moment…

What if Christmas looked a lot more like Jesus?

This Christmas, what if you bought less stuff and used that money to bless someone in need? What if you carved out quality, unhurried, uninterrupted time to truly celebrate with the people in your life? What if worship was more important than a perfect Christmas?

Because, let’s be honest…

Consumerism does not equal happiness, memories, contentment, fulfillment, or meaning. When Christmas begins with worship, it all becomes meaningful.

This Christmas can be different. This Christmas, less means more. Less spending. Less hurry. Less me.

Starting November 29, you’re invited to have a Simple Christmas.


Christmas Eve Offering

The Christmas Eve service is 6:00p with prelude music beginning at 5:30p.

Every year, One Church gives away 100% of the Christmas Eve offering to both a local and a global charitable organization. This year, the Christmas Eve offering will be split 50/50 between Chandler Christian Community Center and Food for the Hungry Nicaragua.

This year, during the Simple Christmas series, we are challenging every person in One Church to give an equal amount to the Christmas Eve Offering that we spend on Christmas gifts. Perhaps you will cut back slightly on gifts in order to be able to giveĀ an equal amount. This Christmas, one gift we will give to each other is the fulfillment of blessing others in need, both locally and in Nicaragua.