Participating Membership Class

November 29, 2015

The next One Church Participating Membership Class is Sunday November 29, 12:00p, at Paradise Bakery (Gilbert and Germann). The class will last for about 50 minutes, and there is no obligation to join.

Membership is an organic term, meaning to be part of the Body of Christ (1 Corinthians 12v12-32), the Church. Participating Membership is a agreement to actively engage in the life of One Church for one calendar year. Participating Membership must be renewed annually.

To become a Participating Member of One Church

  1. Be baptized.
  2. Attend Participating Membership Class
  3. Sign the Participating Membership Covenant

The Participating Membership Covenant


I commit to being available to my church community by:

1. Attending worship services every week unless I am sick or out of town,

2. Serving in a One Church ministry, and

3. Growing in community by being a member of a One Group.


I commit to passionately using my gifts and skills to serve others in a One Church ministry.


I commit to giving in proportion to my income with the goal of the tithe.


I commit to giving each member of One Church the benefit of the doubt, building one another up instead of tearing one another down. Trust includes living a lifestyle that honors God and would not bring disrepute upon One Church or individual members of the One Church. Please read 1 Timothy 3v1-13 as a guide for One Church standards of conduct.