Love. Sex. Marriage.

January 4, 2015 – February 15, 2015

What else affects our lives more than our significant relationships?


Whether you are married or single, we will explore why you are attracted to some people more than others in the first place. Then, we’ll discuss how love develops and changes over time, and you will learn new skills for how to experience a love that lasts.

Are you single? 50% of American adults are either never married or divorced, so you’re not alone. We’ll also explore dating relationships and how to find the right person. It might be surprising to you that the Bible says a great deal about how to choose a good partner for life.


Let’s be honest. The Church has an awkward relationship with sex, to say the least. From ignoring taboo subjects to making people feel overly guilty, the Church has struggled to even have healthy discussions about sex, let alone help people have fulfilling sex lives.

We will discuss human sexuality in a healthy, informed way, and you may gain an entirely new perspective on your identity as a sexual being.


Are you married? There is probably no greater challenge in life than making marriage work. You will gain new insights into your marriage relationship and learn new skills for making your marriage last a lifetime.

You will also discover what your partner may secretly wish you knew. Don’t miss it!

Join us January 4- February 15, 2015 for the new series, Love. Sex. Marriage.