Imam Khalil Sultan

May 17, 2015

On May 17, during Religions of the World, One Church welcomes Imam Khalil Sultan.

Imam Khalil Sultan of Phoenix, Arizona, is a seasoned motivational speaker with a knack for engaging and inspiring adults and youth through interactive lectures and hands-on workshops. Khalil has criss-crossed Arizona neighborhoods, speaking to social groups, public grade schools and to community colleges and universities. During the process, Khalil saw fit to launch his own community outreach program called, “Today’s Youth of America, Inc” where his long-term objective is to engage local residents and local businesses as partners in support of economic, academic, governmental and cultural excellence.

Khalil’s short-termed goals are the restoration of self-esteem, self-value and self-worth, particularly among the youth he addresses. He views this as being of paramount importance and, therefore, work among the youth has become the foundational focus of Khalil’s mission. In the process, he inspires young people to respect the family life, to contribute to the economic and social progress of the neighborhoods in which they live by becoming entrepreneurs, to work hard, to think for themselves, and to learn from our great history and struggles, particularly those of the Civil Rights Movement in America.

Khalil was born and raised as a Southern Baptist Christian and began researching different religions at age 19. At age 20, he joined the Nation of Islam and soon became a minister traveling the United States for Elijah Muhammad’s “proto-Islamic” organization. After participating in the Nation of Islam for 10 years, in 1975 (after the passing of Elijah), Khalil transitioned from minister to “imam” (Muslim spiritual and community representative); and “evolved” out of the proto-Islamic doctrine of the Nation of Islam into the teachings of the World Community of Al-Islam in America under the leadership of Elijah Muhammad’s son and successor, Imam W. D. Mohammed (1933 – 2008).

Imam Mohammed is credited with introducing his community to “Islam” proper, according to the Qur’an and the words and actions of the historical Prophet Muhammed. As an imam, from 1975 until now, Khalil has spent many years teaching Al-Islam in prisons, group homes, colleges, high-schools, churches, and in the streets, temples and masjids (mosques) throughout America. He became friends with boxing legend Muhammad Ali, Imam W. D. Mohammed (Leader of over 2 million Muslim Americans), Islamic scholar Dr. Jamil Diab, Minister Louis Farrakhan, (leader of the present-day Nation of Islam), famed R&B singer Joe Tex and boxing champion Earnie Shavers, just to name a few.

Due to his enrollment in the U.S. military, Khalil was also blessed with the opportunity to travel across the world, visiting such countries as China, Japan, Hawaii, Hong Kong and the Philippines. He adamantly believes in the “oneness of humanity” and envisions the possibilities of a world free from the unnatural burdens of racism, sexism, extreme nationalism and other forms of social injustices. All in all, Imam Khalil Sultan is committed to doing his share towards the eradication of all obstacles in the way of our expression of true human excellence.

Invite friends to join you on May 17 as we welcome special guest Imam Khalil Sultan.