I Heart Mom

January 4, 2016

Being a mom is hard work.

You do your best to balance life’s demands. It’s not easy. Sometimes you feel guilty. Sometimes you feel like giving up. You’re probably better at it than you think, but moms need all the support they can get.

I Heart Mom is about loving the mom you are. When you learn how to practice effective self-care, you can care for your child(ren) the way your heart desires. I Heart Mom empowers you through a supportive group of other moms who know what you know and feel what you feel. No mom should have to face the demands of life alone.

Come to the next I Heart Mom event:

Monday January 4
4168 E Marlene Dr Gilbert, AZ 85296-1051
The moms who gather will discuss ways they need support and get familiar with a resource that will help you be the best mom you can possibly be.

Welcome to I Heart Mom– Loving the mom you are!