Drawing Board: Redesigning Your Faith

September 7, 2014 – September 21, 2014

You have questioned your faith…

honestly expressed your doubts.

Now what?

The truth is, many of us are not sure what to believe.

Some of us secretly (or not so secretly) wonder if we have lost our faith altogether. We wonder if religion does more harm than good. We wonder if faith is just wish fulfillment. We’re not willing to be dishonest and pretend to believe something that we actually don’t.

There is an old saying when something is not working the way you thought it would…

“Back to the drawing board.”

It means to start over.

It means to scrap your original plan, throw out all of your assumptions, do away with your original design concept and start over completely from scratch.

In a new series, Drawing Board: Redesigning Your Faith, we will start all over and figure out what we really believe and why. We want to begin at square one and redesign, or perhaps rediscover, a faith that we can embrace honestly and live passionately.

Starting September 7, if you or people you know are struggling with what to believe, you’re invited to…

Drawing Board: Redesigning Your Faith