Doubt Day

November 15, 2015

You’re invited to the second annual Doubt Day at One Church on November 15.

Submit as many doubts or questions as you have. You may either remain anonymous or include your name. It’s your choice.

There are two ways to participate:

  1. You will receive a blank index card in the worship services on November 1 and 8. Simply write your doubt statement or question on the index card and place it in the Offering Container after the service. You can submit a different doubt statement every week, if you wish.
  2. Or, email your doubt statement(s) or question(s) to

Then on Doubt Day, November 15, Pastor Ryan will attempt to address as many of the collected doubt statements as possible.

Why Doubt Day?

Is One Church encouraging people to doubt? No. We don’t have to.

Doubt Day is a statement that you don’t have to pretend. You do not have to pretend to have no doubts and to have every question answered. Doubt is normal. We believe that honestly expressing doubts leads to a stronger (and less fearful) faith.

You can invite friends to submit doubts, too, and you can submit as many as you wish.

Then join us for the first annual Doubt Day at One Church on November 15.