Christmas with the Family

November 30, 2014 – December 28, 2014

No family is perfect.

Not even on Christmas.

Especially around the holidays, we have expectations for what our family time is supposed to be like. We picture a perfect Christmas celebration with no arguments, no stress and all of the warm Christmas fuzzies we can imagine.

Unfortunately, that family only exists in a Hallmark card.

All families experience busyness, conflict, disappointment and unmet expectations. Even when we have the best of intentions, every¬†family experiences some level of dysfunction. There is no way around it. In other words…

You’re family is normal.

This Advent season, let’s take a different approach. During the new sermon series Christmas with the Family, we will explore the common relational struggles that all families experience. We will set realistic expectations, learn how to value the good in those we love and how to grow together as a family.

By the way, this series is for everyone., whether you are single, married, divorced, etc. If you don’t have family in the house with you, you have¬†an extended family and friends, and we can all stand to grow closer with those we love. All are included.

This advent season, join us, and invite friends, to Christmas with the Family.