Brandan Robertson

August 30, 2015

On August 30, One Church welcomes special guest Brandan Robertson.

Brandan Robertson is a progressive evangelical writer, activist, speaker, and spiritual entrepreneur who is committed to getting Jesus a second hearing among the cynical, skeptical, burned, and spiritual but not religious people. He desires to build-bridges across cultural, theological, and political divides and to help others rethink, reform, and renew what it looks like to be a follower of Jesus in our post-modern, post-Christian world.

Brandan has a B.A. in Pastoral Studies and Bible from Moody Bible Institute in Chicago and is pursuing his Masters of Theological Studies at Wesley Theological Seminary. He writes for Revangelical, Huffington Post, Red Letter Christians, Sojourners, Project:Awaken, and IMPACT Magazine and has been a featured contributor to a number of well-read outlets such as TIME Magazine, XO Jane, and Dallas Morning News. Brandan is a frequent guest on numerous nationally syndicated radio programs and television networks such as MSNBC, The Drew Marshall Show, State of Belief, The Takeaway on NPR, and Stand Up! With Pete Dominick. Brandan’s work has been profiled in a number of prominent newspapers and magazines including TIME Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, The Oregonian, and Religion News Service.

Brandan is the host of the Project:Awaken Podcast and is also a sought after consultant to churches, denominations, and faith-based organizations on issues of the faith of the millennial generation and the issues surrounding religious, cultural, and political divides. Brandan serves as the director of The RISE Network. He also serves on the board of Evangelicals For Marriage Equality and as an initiator for The Convergence Initiative. Brandan currently resides in Washington, D.C.


Phyllis Tickle, Author & Leading Church Historian :
In these times of reconfigurations and re-alignments within global, and most certainly within North American, Christianity, Brandan Robertson stands out as a thinker and as one of the young leaders whom we would be wise to watch and to listen to. His vocation and dedication are ever-present in what he writes and says and creates. May God grant both him and us many, many years of such informed and informing leadership.

Jonathan Merritt, Author & Religion News Service Columnist:
A great thinker is someone who can be critical and hopeful in one breath. This is something Brandan Robertson does often and well. His explorations of the various textures of evangelicalism are fascinating and important.

Brian D. McLaren, Author & Theologian, A New Kind of Christianity:
Brandan Robertson is one of the brightest and most hope-inspiring young Christian leaders you’ll meet… I was so impressed with his ardent spirit – a great example of 1 Timothy 4: 12.

Bishop N.T. Wright, New Testament Scholar:
A joy to be with…I support the mission and vision of this movement!

Fr. Richard Rohr, Founder of Center for Action and Contemplation:
Brandan is bold and courageous! Keep up the good work.

Rob Bell, Author, Love Wins:
I believe in dudes like you who are hungry to be part of the new thing Jesus is up to in the world. You inspire me.