Atheists 4 Jesus

February 22, 2015 – April 5, 2015

The One Church 2015 Lenten series is entitled Atheists 4 Jesus.

The phrase “Atheists for Jesus” was coined by the famous atheist Richard Dawkins in an essay about the radical ethical teaching of Jesus contrasted with the often disappointing conduct of His followers.

Every Christmas and Easter season, numerous magazine articles and TV shows discuss the major questions around the person and life of Jesus. Who is Jesus? What did He teach? Is the historical Jesus different from the Christ of faith? Was Jesus married? Did He really perform miracles, and was He actually raised from the dead?

From Feb. 22 through Easter Sunday, we will explore the life of Jesus in a way that both believers and skeptics can appreciate. You will learn about Jesus as He is presented in the Gospels and also gain an understanding of what has been called the quest for the historical Jesus.


Feb. 22– Special Guest Frank Schaeffer

March 1– What Jesus and Atheists Have in Common

March 8– Did Jesus Really Perform Miracles?

March 15– Prodigals and Prostitutes

March 22– Special Guest Cory Peacock

March 29– Why Do So Many People Worship Jesus? (Palm Sunday)

April 5– Why the Worst Day of Your Life is Not the Last Day of Your Life (Easter)

Whether you are a committed follower of Christ or a skeptical person interested in the life of Jesus from an historical perspective, you will appreciate the 2015 Lenten series, Atheists 4 Jesus.