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The Pursuit of Happiness Sermon Page

Order Instead of Chaos

Sermon Series: Pursuit of Happiness

Week 2 | Order Instead of Chaos

Speaker: Ryan Gear

The Pursuit of Happiness Sermon Page

Balance Instead of Busyness

Sermon Series: The Pursuit of Happiness

Week 1 | Balance Instead of Busyness

Speaker: Ryan Gear

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A Better Year (Following Jesus…)

70%-80% of New Years resolutions fail. So how do we improve and make 2013 better than 2012?

It’s all about what God wants to do in your life and through your life. In “A Better Year (Following Jesus is As Much about This World as the Next),” you will learn how to move beyond resolutions an grow by changing what you believe about the events that happen to you.

You’ll also discover how you can make the maximum impact with the life you’ve been given and make the world a better place in Jesus’ Name.

Christmas Candlelight Sermon Page

Christmas All Year Round

Think the Christmas story is only for the Christmas season? Discover how the Christmas story realistically applies to every day of our lives.

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No Perfect People Allowed

Have you ever felt like you had to pretend to be a super-Christian in church? You had to pretend that you have it all together and admit your questions or struggles? You were afraid that if you were honest, you would be judged or looked at differently. Unfortunately, you’re not alone.

Even though this is the church experience of millions of people, the Christmas story teaches us that this is not God’s view of you. What shocked the first people to hear the Christmas story was not the virgin birth. It was something else.

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Questions and Doubts

“Questions and Doubts” is based on the One Church value, “One Church Is a Safe Place to Express Your Questions and Doubts.”

Many people who want to follow Jesus feel an unspoken pressure in their churches to not admit their questions and doubts about faith. Some churches teach that we should never ask, “Why?” Other churches believe that acknowledging questions or doubts shows a lack of faith. Even many well-meaning Christians are afraid that if they expressed their questions, it would drag other Christians down and hurt their faith.

Jesus apparently views questions and doubts differently. In Mark 9, Jesus encounters a father who is desperate for his suffering son to be healed. In a moment of profound honesty, the desperate dad expresses his faith in Jesus while also asking Jesus to help him overcome his doubts.

Listen to “Questions and Doubts” to discover how Jesus responds to this father’s honest faith. You will see that if you want to have a relationship with Jesus, he will not allow bricks of doubt to build a wall between you and him.

During the first few minutes of the sermon, Pastor Ryan played a one-minute video of epic stunt fails as an illustration of how we should always pay attention to our doubts. The video has been removed due to copyright restrictions.

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Why One Church?

“Why One Church (How to Overcome Your Fear)” is the very first sermon ever given at One Church, from first One Church Preview Worship Service on October 7, 2012.

It confronts the greatest obstacle to starting a new church and also to living well in our own lives- fear. Discover how Jesus viewed fear and overcame it in his own life and how we can too.