“To create a community in which people who are disconnected from God or the church become growing followers of Jesus Christ.”

This is why One Church exists.

Many people admire Jesus but are disconnected from the Church. Maybe you’re one of them. There are many reasons people become disconnected:

  • hypocrisy
  • judgmental attitudes
  • shallow faith
  • an anti-scientific worldview
  • religious conflict
  • disappointment
  • a lack of answers to difficult, real world questions about faith.

Because of these reasons, 60%-80% of Americans are now disconnected from the Church.

How We Live Out Our Mission

One Church lives out our mission with our three core values:

  • One Church is a safe place to express your questions and doubts. (Sermons)
  • No perfect people allowed. (One Groups)
  • Following Jesus is as much about this world as the next. (Causes)

Ultimately, we want to be “the church of the one last chance.” If unchurched and dechurched people are willing to give God and the Church one last chance, we want to be a church they will try.

Will you join us?